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Energy Management Certification (ST RK ISO 50001-2012)

The certification ensures that energy management systems predict and control the processes of generation, transportation and use of energy resources in conformity with the State requirements.

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Product certification

The certification guarantees that the product quality is safe for life, the environment, property, and that the consumer will be protected from unfair manufacturers.

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Quality Management System Certification (ISO 9001)

The certification of Management Systems is a kind of proof of your commitment to meet consumers’ demands and to achieve the required level of quality of services.

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Occupational Health and Safety Management Certification (OHSAS 18001)

This kind of certification is the image matter for the company as well as the basis for open sharing of information with customers and the global community about its intentions in the field of staff health and safety.

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Environmental Management Certification (ISO 14001)

The certificate of environmental management may facilitate advertising and exhibition activities, as well as negotiating and concluding contracts.

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Commodities origination expertise by country

Commodities origination expertise by country is carried out by an expert auditor within twenty-four hours from the registration of an application.

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Within 10 years of activities more than 1500 companies chose our company for the following features
The best testing laboratories

Testing center:

– Laboratory for testing of manufacturing products – Laboratory for testing of food products – Laboratory for testing of electrical, electronic and cable products – Laboratory for testing of construction products.
Аттестат аккредитации KZ.О.02.0801.


We have the opportunity not only to certify management systems, products, but organize seminars, workshops and training on management systems.


Our institution for conformity assessment of products has accreditation in accordance with the requirements of GOST ISO \ IEC17065-2013 «Requirements for institutions which operates with certification of products, processes and services.” Accreditation Certificate KZ.O.02.0802.

Our institution for conformity assessment of management systems has accreditation in accordance with the requirements of the state standard ST RK ISO \ IEC 17021-2012 «Conformity Assessment. Requirements for the institutions providing audit and certification of management systems”, Accreditation certificate KZ.O.02.0305.

Head of «QS Azia Sertik» LLP

Gaziza Kudaybergenovna Omarova


Leningrad Institute of Textile and Light Industry after Kirov S. M - Engineer technologist. Moscow Modern Humanitarian Institute - a lawyer.


There have been received numerous "Algys khat" and thankful letters from the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and public organizations for an active social and professional activities. In 2012 she was awarded with the international prize "Golden Jaguar" for impeccable reputation in business and high-quality products and services. In 2012 – she was also awarded with a diploma in the nomination "The business community: The best business leader" in the international competition held media holding "Russia Regions". In 2014, was awarded with the “Star of Glory, “Economy of Kazakhstan ", the medal" For merits and achievements” by Organizing Committee of the National Business rating of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

work experience

Expert auditor on affirmation of quality management systems (ISO 9001), occupational health and safety (OHSAS 18001), environmental management (ISO 14001), energy management systems (ST RK ISO 50001), on conformity assessment of products of light industry, the leading auditor of an international Organ on DQS Holding Certification (Germany). Author of state standards ST the RoK 3.30 "Procedure for Certification of jewelry," ST the RoK 3.32 "Procedure for Certification of Service gas station," Methods for determination of potassium fellow in milk products, scientific articles on wool processing on quality management system and others. Gaziza Kudaybergenovna is a member of the party "Nur Otan", a member of the Council on quality of Technical Regulation Committee and Metrology of the Ministry of Industry and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a member of Board of the Association of Business Women of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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You Make an application
You provide necessary documents
You fill down appreciation list
We register your application
We analyze submitted documents
We develop audit plan and program
We consult the company during the introduction
We prepare report according to the result of audit
Certificate’s registration at State Register
Conformity assessment authority delivers the certificate

Conformity assessment authority

«QS Azia Sertik» LLP

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